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About Us

Wildefell Wolves is a small, USDA licensed educational facility that is currently home to four ambassador wolves outside of the Knoxville, TN area. Working alongside our ambassador wolf partners, we educate the public about wolves and the importance they hold as one of North America's apex predators while tackling the myths associated with these fascinating creatures.

We strive to bring truth and awareness of wolves to the public. We work very hard with our ambassador animals to train and socialize them for educational programs and photography and also for film projects.

One of the most important reasons to appreciate wolves is that they are a keystone species here in North America, and play a very important part in our ecosystem. Another reason is the mystical and majestic presence they have in nature.

With all the wolf hunts going on we’ve felt the need to be their advocates by showing others how much we need these beautiful canines and share our love for them. These animals are not blood thirsty monsters as you see them portrayed in stories and movies.