The Ambassadors

Our ambassador wolves consist of wolfdog varying in content from low to high.

The Shark


He has a wonderful temperament and a pretty unique personality. Outdoor settings are his favorite but he does well in studios too. 


Stark has been featured online in advertisements, magazines, commercials, and music videos, which can be viewed in the gallery.

Stark has been working on several film projects that will be added when they are finished. 

Stark is featured in the movie Rampage.



Brann was adopted by Wildefell in May 2014 from Freedoms Song Wolf Rescue in Oklahoma. Brann has a shy personality, but a great temperament. He needs a little more time to warm up to. Brann works well with women, but is a bit fearful of men.


Brann has been featured with Bula Boutique.

4/1/2012 - 2/3/2021

t bones


Spock is our super social low content wolf ambassador. He does our large events and loves to interact with all the people and get belly rubs. 

Spock has the most intense amber colored eyes.

Kom Skaikru


Octavia is working on training and socializing. 

Ghost Rider


Damien is working on training and socializing. 

Flame of the West


Andy is working on training and socializing. 

mischief master


Pan is working on training and socializing. 

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